At SBW Consulting, we envision a world that uses resources wisely. Our mission is to help society use energy and water more efficiently.  To that end, we have been running innovative programs and performing groundbreaking work in resource efficiency throughout North America since our inception in 1990. We pride ourselves on being independent, innovative, and rigorous in what we do—always keeping in mind the larger context—and successfully applying many decades of collective engineering experience to a wide array of industry challenges. Our efforts over the years have reduced energy and water use at thousands of residences, businesses, and industries across the United States. From our headquarters near Seattle, Washington, and field offices in Oregon and Colorado, SBW’s talented engineers, managers, and analysts find ways for businesses and individuals to reduce utility costs and streamline operations. We also help utilities, agencies, and organizations provide top-notch efficiency programs.


SBW designs and implements innovative energy and water conservation initiatives, such as our award-winning direct-installations programs. We help our clients meet their portfolio goals, while providing first-rate service to their customers.

SBW is a leader in evaluating conservation programs. We apply the latest research approaches and protocols to quantify program effectiveness, and provide our clients with actionable feedback to make their programs better.

SBW collaborates with policy makers and managers to develop rigorous and defensible efficiency measures that form the cornerstones for successful programs.

SBW tests new efficiency technologies and develops tools to understand how devices and systems function in the real world.

SBW synthesizes information from a wide range of sources, including on-site measurements, to develop accurate understandings of current and future market conditions.