SBW Introduction

SBW Consulting, Inc. (SBW) is a leader in energy and water efficiency. We have developed innovative programs and performed groundbreaking research in resource efficiency for decades. Our efforts have reduced energy and water use at numerous residences, businesses, and industries across the United States. From our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest and field office in Colorado, we have long been at the forefront of the green economy. SBW’s talented engineers, managers, and analysts assist utilities, agencies, organizations, businesses to reduce utility costs, streamline operations, and  provide top-notch efficiency programs.

Bill Koran, the developer of ECAM, has joined our team! Have a hands-on experience with ECAM by visiting the Smart Building Center. You can also click here to learn more about how ECAM can help you find and measure energy savings.

Evaluate Programs

SBW is a leader in evaluating conservation programs. We apply the latest research approaches and international protocols to quantify the effectiveness of efficiency programs.  To read more ...


Develop & Manage Programs

Focused On Your Needs

SBW designs and implements innovative energy and water conservation initiatives, such as our award-winning commercial direct-installation programs. Our programs can help agencies and utilities meet their resource savings goals.  To read more ...


Assess Technologies and Facilities

Evaluating New Technology

SBW tests new efficiency technologies to determine their performance in real-life applications. These assessments help agencies and utilities continuously improve their energy and water conservation programs. SBW uncovers practical, cost-effective ways to save energy and water for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. These assessments help property owners and managers identify investments in new equipment and improved operating practices that reduce energy and water costs.  To read more ....